Services that help you obtain the German student visa


We apply for the documents required for the German student visa.

We guarantee a maximum duration to providing all documents required for the German student visa.

In five steps to success

  1. Click on “Start now” and open up an user account. Afterwards, click through our form to provide us with all the relevant information and documents.
  2. We process the information and documents given, check whether a study in Germany is generally possible and then have a personal phone call to discuss all remaing questions.
  3. We will send you an offer, and you have the choice to accept the offer.
  4. Then we will conclude the contract and you settle the invoice amount.
  5. Once the procedures are completed, you will find all requested documents in your personal user account. With these you can then apply for a German student visa at the Embassy.

Conditional Approval

Fee: 546€

Tax 19%: 104€

Total: 650€

one time fee

We take care of the application for the following documents:
Research and a certificate of conditional university approval
A certificate for German language course registration
Updates on the status of the documents via your personal user account