The most important features that encourage studying in Germany

first feature

Since 2014, all German states have abolished tuition fees for students in all German public universities, meaning that German or foreign undergraduate students at public universities can study almost for free for small costs that cover administrative fees only and range between 200 and 500 euros per semester. However, private universities still depend on tuition fees as a source of funding – and they probably will, because private universities do not receive government subsidies.

The second feature

You will have the opportunity to study in an economically strong country and thus secure your future by landing directly in the job market after university graduation – of course also when you are a foreign student. According to the rules, after graduation you get 18 months to find work in Germany.

The third feature

Germany is a safe country and even in times of crisis everyone in the country is well taken care of. According to the Global Peace Index, Germany is the 22nd safest country in the world. Sources: