The most important information about studying agricultural sciences in Germany

Bachelor’s degree in agricultural sciences

If you want to study agricultural sciences, you will deal with agricultural processes and conditions. This includes the cultivation of renewable raw materials and the production of food for humans and animals. The goal is to produce food efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. Those who study agricultural sciences work in an interdisciplinary manner. During your studies, you will learn about the perspectives of economic, technical, biological and social sciences

During your studies, you will encounter scientific topics in which lecturers explain the chemical and physical properties of raw materials. In addition, you will gain insight into the social aspects related to the nutrition of humans and animals at social science events. In all the different disciplines that flow into agricultural sciences

The most important subjects taught during the study of agricultural sciences

  • Botany
  • Livestock Science
  • The agricultural economy
  • Natural and engineering sciences

Post-graduation job opportunities and potential employers

After graduation, agricultural scientists must deal directly with animals and plants. Agricultural scientists work in consulting, research and development, and sales. Potential employers are public bodies and companies in the fields of crop production and agriculture, as well as producers of fine food and animal feed. Agricultural scientists also use international organizations and environmental associations.

What is the median rate of income after graduation?

Earning potential after graduation depends largely on the future employer and the specialty you will choose. As a freelance grower, your income is linked to your productivity and sales success. With a master’s degree in agricultural sciences, you usually earn between €3,600 and €4,000 per month if you decide to work in the private sector.

Some of the leading universities in teaching agricultural sciences

  • Uni Hohenheim
  • HU Berlin
  • Uni Göttingen
  • Uni Halle-Wittenberg