The most important information related to studying business administration in Germany

Structure and content of business administration in Germany

Business administration studies the factors that underlie the successful management of companies. This control or management efficiency has a number of different requirements. Thus, the initial study phase is divided into the transfer of analytical methodological know-how (such as business mathematics, operations research or statistics), specific business principles (including general business management, cost accounting, accounting, legal and organizational forms of the company, and nonetheless personnel management and taxation). ) as well as interdisciplinary personal competence, such as presentation or moderation techniques, project management or scientific work. Students also develop the basics of information science (particularly programming, operating systems, or databases). The learning content on planning and control as well as the theory and practice of leadership contribute to the further development of managerial competence. According to the different functional areas in companies, the main studies focus on areas such as purchasing, production, marketing, sales, business law and tax law

Special areas of specialization are:

  • Banking, Finance, Accounting and Taxes
  • Business Economics
  • International Business Adminstration
  • Health and social management
  • Logistics Marketing
  • Real estate and tourism facilities management
  • hotel management
  • events and culture
  • Human Resource Management
  • Industry Business Administration

Career prospects after completing a business administration study

Graduates in business administration work in almost all industries. For example, business economists work for banks, in various industries, in retail, insurance, health care, or in service firms. The main areas of responsibility for graduates in Business Administration are primarily in the areas of sales, financial management and control. In addition, corporate management and administration in the areas of marketing management, financial management or personnel management also provide career opportunities.

What is the median rate of income after graduation?

The average starting salary for young academics with an MBA degree is currently €49,815. Bachelor’s graduates earned an average of €47,200 for entry in 2019, which is slightly less than Master’s graduates.


The 6 most important requirements for studying business administration:

Many young people choose to study business administration each year. However, according to surveys, one in four students finishes their undergraduate studies in the field of business administration. So that you know exactly if a business degree is really for you, we present the 6 most important requirements for a business degree.

  1. Interest in economic and social science topics
  2. Mathematical and analytical knowledge
  3. Good knowledge of English
  4. Initiative and self-discipline
  5. Communication talents
  6. Firmness and Teamwork