Study costs in Germany

In this article, you will find all the costs from A to Z in detail if you decide to study in Germany.
Studying in Germany, or rather studying abroad, is a dream that many students have around the world. But often, the cost or the amount it takes makes it an unrealizable dream. The more popular the study destination, the higher the cost of studying there. Fortunately, this rule does not apply to Germany.

In 2014, tuition fees in Germany were canceled due to a government decision, so studying in Germany became free at public universities, but! There are a lot of things you need to know about the cost of studying in Germany.

How much does it cost to study in Germany?

Although there are no tuition fees to pay, universities in Germany charge a small amount of money for administrative costs, student union and public transportation. This payment is known as the “semester fee” and is paid at the beginning of each semester. The amount barely exceeds 350 euros per semester.

Under German government conditions for anyone wishing to study in Germany, every international student who wants to study in Germany must have at least €10,332 in their bank account in order to be able to finance their studies for at least the first year. This law is based on the idea that a foreign student spends at least 861 euros each month.
This money must be in a closed bank account in Germany, and this is a prerequisite. This is your personal money, not tuition fees. It is only conditional to guarantee that you will support yourself during your stay and study in Germany. And every month you charge €861 of your money from the German bank in which you have deposited at least €10,332.
This closed account is a prerequisite for studying in Germany.

Here you can get more information on how to submit an application to study in Germany and all the required documents

Living costs in Germany:

Studying in Germany is free, but living expenses and the cost of living in Germany cannot be avoided, and for this we must have a closed account in Germany of no less than 10,332 euros is essential.

Below we have listed the costs that the student must pay during the issuance of the visa and after traveling to Germany. Please note that there may be differences depending on the amount of tuition fees at the respective university, individual living costs and the region in which the student wants to live in Germany.

During your studies, you will also receive a work permit for 120 days a year.

before entering Germany

Before studying or during the visa issuance period, the total of all costs will be: 11,271 euros (eleven thousand two hundred and seventy-one euros), distributed as follows:

  • 10,332 EUR The amount to be put into a closed bank account.
  • 700 EUR language school fee for learning the following levels A1 + A2.
  • 179 Euro bank fee for opening a closed bank account. (sometimes it can be less or more)
  • 60 Euro visa application fee.

First year in Germany

After obtaining a visa and coming to Germany: Total costs of preparing for studies after coming to Germany in one year: 9,800 euros This amount can be covered by the closed bank account.

These fees are divided as follows

  • 3600 euros housing wages.
  • €2,400 personal expenses (food and drinks).
  • €1800 language school fee for the following German language levels: B1, B2, DSH Prüfung, or C1 exam.
  • 1000 euros leisure and side things.
  • 600 Euro public transport ticket fee in the city in which you want to live after coming to Germany.
  • 400 subscription fees in a health insurance institution. Health insurance in Germany is mandatory.

Next years of study in Germany

During the undergraduate study period, the total annual costs are 8,970 euros (eight thousand nine hundred and seventy euros). This division is as follows:

  • 3600 euros housing wages.
  • 2400 euros personal expense.
  • € 1,270 subscription fee in a health insurance institution. Health insurance in Germany is mandatory.
  • 1000 euros leisure and side things.
  • 700€ University fees for each academic year (€350 per semester).