Documents – German student visa

Most essential documents for German student visa

We suggest colleges that suit you and arrange a regular or conditional approval. This is necessary for your student visa, which would be the most complicated part of the process for you. The problem is that while the German Embassy specifies the documents which are required for the visa, they do not provide help in acquiring it. That’s what we are here for, to assist you through these processes.

Among other requirements, a blocked account with a credit of at least 10236€ (plus service fee), health insurance and the conditional approval are mandatory requirements for the student visa.

If necessary, we could register you for German language courses.

Blocked bank account

A blocked account is an bank account that can be withdrawn only limited. Accordingly, you can only withdraw a maximum amount per month. Thus, the state secures that the student has enough money for his livelihood over the term of the blocked account. The amount required for the blocked account usually is 10236 €, unless the Embassy asks for a higher amount. Hence in this case a monthly maximum sum of 853 € can be withdrawn.

Our partner bank is officially approved and accepted worldwide. An initial fee of 99.00 Euro plus a puffer amount of 80.00 Euro will be deducted from your account balance. Therefore, a slightly higher transfer amount of about 10415 € is required.

Health insurance

A health insurance is an insurance against the costs associated with a disease. Those could be the loss of benefits, costs for care and medical treatment. The monthly fees is approximitly 30 €. Our package “student visa” includes three months health insurance. If more is required, the difference is added to the package price.

Conditional approval

A conditional admission is not an obligatory admission, like a generell university admission! Thus, it is not binding for any side, not for the student nor for the university. It merely states that in general there is the possibility for the student to participate in the application process as soon as certain preconditions are met. The preconditions often include learning the German language with a language level of C1 and possibly a Studienkolleg, if the high school diploma is not approved in Germany.