Services provided by VisCompass

VisCompass acquires all required documents for the German Embassy in your country in order to obtain your German student visa. In the following the most important documents are listet:

  • If you want to study in Germany in the German language and you do not fulfill all preconditions yet, you need a conditional university admission . If all preconditions are met, we can apply for a regular admission. Next to that we offer to acquire an invitation for a German language course.
  • Opening of a blocked bank account at a German bank.
  • Take out a student health insurance including 3 months.

German Embassies require every student who wants to apply for a German student visa to submit the documents listed above in addition to other requirements . The student himself must secure these papers through research and correspondence online. There are some government institutions that provide assistance and guidance through online pamphlets on their official website, for example, on how to obtain university admission. Among them is the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD .
Hence it is possible to obtain the required documents yourself. But you will face difficulties, if you do not speak fluent English or German, and you will have to communicate with many universities and other educational institutions.
The goal for you by claiming the services provided by VisCompass is to receive all the documents only by communicating with one person from our team after filling out an online form in only a few simple steps on our website.
It is easier for you to communicate with one specialized person who speaks Arabic, English, German or French than to communicate with several people or institutions to secure the Embassy requirements necessary to obtain a student visa.
Regarding the period that we need to secure all the aforementioned papers: Normally, this process takes two months, but sometimes the duration can vary, depending on the type of service chosen and the date of your application, because many universities have an application period.

Besides the above mentioned services we offer valuable information related to the subject of studying in Germany through our company’s social media channels. Every tuesday we offer a free live video on our Instagram channel to answer your questions and comments directly. We also send free weekly newsletters with information related to studying in Germany and living there as a student and many other topics that are of interest if you decide to study in Germany. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to our free newsletter service at any time.