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Invitation to attend a seminar

There is no doubt that the decision to study abroad is often associated with many challenges. However, the experience of international students who have been able to overcome these challenges is rich in experiences and knowledge that can be drawn upon.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in our meeting via the Zoom educational platform, on Friday at 26.11.2021 at five in the afternoon Berlin time .


 In this meeting, we will get acquainted with students who came to study Germany about the challenges that any Arab student may face who will take Germany as his study destination.

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This meeting includes

Ahmed Al-Barquni

Medical Equipment Engineer - Lecturer in Scientific German

Mohammad Al Kalel

Economics Student - Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences
Co-founder of VisCompass

Omar Hariri

Medical student - University of Hannover

We look forward to your participation in this seminar, hoping that you will obtain information that may facilitate the way for you to start your studies at a German university.

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