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The world continues its unremitting efforts to control the spread of the emerging corona virus Covid-19. Although the number of injuries in Germany places it eights in the world, the number of deaths is relatively low compared to other countries. What distinguishes Germany from other countries is its early readiness, as the director of the Robert Koch Institute stated, "We are still at the beginning, meaning we have time to take all measures to ensure that critical cases are treated in a timely manner."

Recent measures

Germany has taken strict measures to curb the spread of Corona's infection once again, foremost of which is banning public gatherings of more than two households and stressing the distance between people in public places. All system relevant institutions, such as food stores, police stations, political institutions and schools, kindergardens etc., are still open and functional.

German head-start

Before the Corona crisis, Germany was already the European leader in terms of the number of ventilators and the number of places available in intensive care units in hospitals. While in Germany there were about 25 thousand beds with artificial respiration in intensive care departments, there are seven thousand in France, in Italy five thousand, and in Britain only four thousand, in these departments. However, Germany was not satisfied with that, as it announced the doubling of the intensive care places and devices in hospitals to treat critical cases.

Recent governmental decisions

  • The meeting of two households is now permitted. Limited only to a maximum of 20 people.
  • Since April 20, 2020, shops and companies with an area of no more than 800 square meters have been reopened under strict conditions. In addition, the German government strongly recommends wearing protective masks in stores and public transportation, and some states in Germany have declared that wearing protective masks is mandatory.
  • Schools have gradually resume activities from May 4, with a focus on final-grade students.
  • Increased virus detection tests to 650,000 per week.
  • Extending the ban on big gatherings such as sports and concerts until August 31.
  • Summer semester starts at most German universities and teaching takes place through online lectures.

Note: The measures to contain the corona pandemic are a matter for the Federal States. Accordingly, there may be differences in dealing with the easing measures in the individual federal states.

At the European Union level:

The external borders of the European Union are currently closed and there is still a ban on entry to citizens outside the European Union. There are also extensive entry restrictions in Germany. This does not apply to people who have a long-term residence right in a country of the European Union. For example a person with a long-term visa for the purpose of studying, can return to their place of residence at any time. In addition, starting April 10, a two-week quarantine obligation applies to all travelers coming to Germany.

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