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Why VisCompass

Learn first hand about the experiences of customers who have used the VisCompass service. These have published their experiences in large numbers on social media channels such as Instragram or facebook, but also via google rating.

Customers report

In the following you will find a few google experience reports from former customers:

Bassem Elsaba
Really one of the most trusted people i dealt with thanks Viscompass for helping me to get my approval in 2 weeks only and special thanks to Mohamed for his sense of humor and good treatment.

Kassem Khoder
So professional, highly recommended, always texting and calling to inform me about everything, always on time, following everything step by step. I highly recommend them to everyone need to continue his study in germany.

Abdallah Magdy
لى تجربة ممتازة مع هذه الشركة وهى دراسة البكالوريوس فى المانيا ولاكن تم رفضى بسبب شهادتى وبعد تحويل المال لهذه الشركة Viscompas تم ارجاع المال لى مرة اخرى وكنت اتمنى الحصول على فيزا دراسة عن طريق شركة Viscompas المحترمة جدا فى التعامل فاحبيت اشارك تجربتى لاى شخص حابب يقدم على فيزا دراسة من خلال Viscompas عن طريق هذه الشركة المحترمة لا تردد فى اختيارك لهذه الشركة واتمنى التوفيق للجميع

VisCompass in public

The work of VisCompass makes a social contribution. Accordingly, the VisCompass team has already been in the public eye several times to report about its work and to find supporters.

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